Global Maritime

MWS for Perla Field Development - Production Platforms, Pipelines, & Flowlines


Client: Cardon IV  S.A.
Timeline: 2014 - 2015

Global Maritime was selected to be the Marine Warranty Surveyor by Cardon IV, a joint venture of ENI and Repsol for the transport and installation of the production platforms, pipelines, and flowlines pertaining to the Perla Field gas development in the Gulf of Venezuela.


The field development consisted of 3 platforms described as a central hub platform and two satellite platforms. The satellite platforms are connected to the hub via 14 inch subsea flowlines. The combined production from all three platforms is then transported to shore by a 31 inch subsea pipeline. The field is located in a water depth of about 200 feet, some 30 miles from shore.


Global Maritime's scope for this project included the MWS reviews and approvals for the installation of the pipelines and flowlines, the loadout and transportation of all three jackets and topsides from the fabrication yard in Tampico, Mexico to Venezuela, and the installation of the structures in the field.


The most unique aspect of this project was a change in the installation contractor midway through. This meant that much of the engineering for the transport and installation of the platforms had to be redone and reviewed. Global Maritime was able to work with all parties to make ensure that the new procedures were successful.

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