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Eagle Lyon Pope provide practical and innovative solutions relating to ports and terminals, specifically port master planning and development, terminal feasibility studies, navigation and ship manoeuvrability assessments, mooring and fender analysis, dredging and constructability support throughout the project life-cycle.


Our team has extensive experience in ports, terminals and maritime infrastructure consultancy services with clients  including port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies, stevedores and governments. 


Our experienced engineers, port personnel and support staff provide consultancy services to ensure that port and terminal infrastructure is safe, functionally compliant, conforms to international best practice whilst at the same time allowing for future adaptation to reflect changing requirements.


Some of the services offered by Eagle Lyon Pope Ports and Terminals are:

-  Port and Terminal feasibility studies

-  Port Master Planning

-  Terminal design and Operability

-  Mooring, fender analysis and design

-  Numerical and Physical modelling of port and coastal structures

-  Aids to navigation

-  Port and approach channel assessment and design

-  Ship and channel simulation

-  Construction sequencing and planning support for ports

-  Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

-  Dredging


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