Global Maritime

Offshore Fish Farming

Global Maritime (GM) is the world’s foremost engineering company for the design of offshore fish farms. Since 2013, GM has been heavily involved with several floating and seafloor based offshore fish farm constructions. We have the most extensive experience within this field, with the broadest range of expertise, as it also includes more than 30 years of competence from offshore design and engineering from the Oil & Gas industry.


Critical factors to consider include:

-  Concept and Design

-  System Integration

-  New Rules and Regulations

-  Construction Follow-up

-  Procedures and Best Practice

-  Suitable Location


Currently, traditional net pens that are located on the coast or in a fjord, are the standard for the aquaculture industry.  They sit in a stable environment, and turn-key solutions are used. These systems are time proven, and are easy to install and moor.  However, these systems are harmful to the local environment and are very susceptible to disease.  These effects are costly and can be long-term.


An offshore fish farming solution can solve these issues, as well as greatly increase capacity and output.  All it requires is innovation, analysis, and engineering.

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