Global Maritime

Marine Warranty Surveying

Global Maritime has more than 30 years of experience in Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS) services covering transportation, construction, commissioning and decommissioning projects, assisting underwriters, brokers, oil companies, drilling contractors, offshore contractors and vessel owners.


We ensure that cost reductions are achieved by managing risk and minimizing the probability of incidents, downtime, and project delays.


We have covered a wide range of operations such as:

-  Quayside Operations
       -  Loadout, Lifting, Float out

-  Transportation
       -  Towing, Dry Transport, Shipping

-  Installation of Jackets, Decks and Modules
       -  Upending, Lifting, Float over

-  Installation of Foundations
        -  Piles, Anchors, Tendon Bottom Connectors

-  Installation of Floaters
        -  Mooring Hook-up, Tendon Installation, Riser Installation

-  Pipe and Cable Laying

-  Decommissioning of Marine Structures
      -  Jackets and Topsides
      -  Tension Leg Platforms
      -  Subsea Assets
      -  Air Defence Platforms

-  MOU Site Specific Assessment, Location Approval and Rig Move Attendance


Our experienced team of master mariners, chief engineers, naval architects and structural engineers provide our clients with a combination of regulatory knowledge, operational and technical experience.


We perform Engineering Reviews, Procedure Reviews, Vessel Suitability Surveys and participate in risk assessment activities such as HAZIDs and HAZOPs. We provide or review Metocean Data and perform independent verification of critical operations and structures, if required. Our surveyors attend key operations onshore and offshore issuing a Certificate of Approval certifying the successful preparation for such operations.


From offshore platforms and infrastructure to mobile offshore units, pipeline and subsea field developments, onshore plants, renewable energy farms, and other shipping activities, you will be in safe hands.

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