Global Maritime


With solid experience from lifting operations, and from control of cranes and other lifting equipment, we perform audits that ensure safe and efficient production that meets our clients’ requirements on- and offshore. We have the certifications and procedures required to audit offshore vessels and platforms, as well as VLS, ROV and cranes.


We are certified inspectors in accordance with the following institutions and standards:


-  Norwegian Certification Association S1 A & C

-  NMA (Norwegian Maritime Authority) type A1-B1-A-B 
   (to perform inspection on offshore vessels and platforms)

-  Lloyds acc. to IACZ UR Z17, IMO’s MSC 1206 & 1277 (LSA Code)


Global Maritime  is approved by Achilles, Dovre sertifisering, Norsk Sertifisering, NS-EN ISO 9001, and by FORCE Training to perform NDE.

Relevant Experience

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Deck Crane Assistance for FSU Heidrun and FSU Mariner

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Crane Advisors for Hook X and TwistX

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