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Case Studies

Installation of a Submerged Turret Production Bouy

GM was able to deliver what would normally have been 6-8 months of marine operational planning in just 8 weeks. Due to Ceona, the original contractor, going into administration in September OI, Vryhof and GM where awarded the scope in late November for an installation date in January.

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Optimal Rig Selection

Reasonable and effective drilling of wells will be necessary to maintain a high and reliable production level on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Recent years, offshore drilling contractors have invested large sums in constructing new offshore rigs. Now, in a market characterized by reduced activity and weaker oil prices, the supply of rigs is ahead of the demand, leading to a large number of available rigs. This combined with an increased industry focus on cost reduction in general and in particular in relation to drilling and well operation, facilitate an opportunity to select more fit for purpose rigs.

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Blue Sea Thinking Design

Global Maritime’s philosophy to give our clients and yards the best choice when it comes to equipment and configuration: Using our strong track record of successfully providing world class jack-up engineering designs and consultancy, Global Maritime’s GM-J and GM-L (jack-up and lift boat) series have been refined to meet a wide range of environments and operational challenges faced offshore projects.

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Zip Jack

The Caspian Sea has limited ship/offshore construction yards combined with width limited access via the Volga-Don Canal System. This has resulted in an imbalance of supply and demand creating excessive lead times and costs for the construction of drilling vessels. Global Maritime Consultancy London set out to come up with an innovative jack up vessel design which could take full advantage of this imbalance.

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